Job Title: Mobile Repair Technician

What are we looking for?

At Fone Xperts, we are looking for a computer, mobile, and game console repairer. The person must be expert in dealing with all kinds of mobile phone, laptops, tablets, and game console repairs. Read the following details to know more.

Job Expertise Require:

·        Computer , Mobile, and Gaming Console Repairer

·        Laptops , Tablets , Mobile Phones Board Level Repairs

·        Able to Replace Parts including Screens, Ports , LCDs and Housings

·        Able to Use Soldering Station ( micro soldering )

·        Able to diagnose problems on software-based devices ( windows OS and Mac OS , Android OS and iOS)

·        Able to Repair Gaming Consoles like PS4 , PS5 , Xbox X Series , Nintendo and more , both Hardware and Software