Accenture helps business leaders achieve high performance by gaining

insights from data, and using those insights to make smarter decisions that improve

business outcomes.

Accenture empowers organizations to turn information into action by driving

technology-enabled business insights and creating a collaborative decision-making

environment that embraces social networking, cloud, mobility, big data and legacy

environments. We design, build and run the underpinning information strategy,

architecture and governance that provide a “single source of the truth” for all data

wherever it resides; and we help clients to effectively analyze the data and deliver the

intelligence and insights that enable smarter decision making, actions and outcomes.

High-performance organizations use analytics and information for everything

they do, day in and day out. Organizations need to proactively align data to business

goals, manage large volumes of data, drill down and analyze data, have access to data

wherever they are and be able to predict customer behaviors.

Our holistic, strategic approach to information management and analytic

senables us to deliver solutions across multiple technologies, platforms, devices and

delivery models (SaaS, on-premise, cloud). We help organization to transform data

into insight for smarter decisions through the design and deployment of data

warehouses, data governance, analytical applications, real-time reporting and analysis,

business intelligence and performance management. Streamline electronic delivery of

structured and unstructured data into meaningful and useful information via data

marts or data warehouses. Improve data quality through a comprehensive approach to

data management, including capturing required information, improving data accuracy

and optimizing all data management areas.